Symrise is globally recognized as a leading provider of flavors, raw materials, functional supplement materials and aroma chemicals as well as sensorial and nutritional solutions.

Symrise is globally one of the leading flavor producers. More than 30,000 flavors are mainly produced from natural raw materials like vanilla, citrus, flower, herbal and animal sources. Symrise is focusing on the development of solutions for food, health and nutritional supplement producers. The provided flavors are the main functional ingredients of the final products with their sensorial and nutritional properties.


Application Areas
  • Sweet: Candy, Chocolate, Chewing Gum, Ice cream, Bakery
  • Savory: Chips, Cracker, Soup, Sauce, Bouillon, Snack
  • Beverage: Instant Beverages (Hot & Cold Drinks)
  • Sensorial Solutions: Taste Modulation Products
  • Shisha, Tobacco and Casing & Promoting Products: Shisha Flavors, Tobacco Flavors, Smoothers, Maskers, Stabilizers