Whey powder expert


Kempostar was founded in 2011 to produce whey powder by recyling whey which was considered to be a waste because of its environmental considerations into an industrial product. Kempostar has been increasing its production capacity day by day thanks to the technology used in production, its automation system and modern production facilities and continues to invest for production of new products for the food industry.

Kempostar daily provides and processes the raw materials used in the whey production from contracted suppliers.

Kempostar performs the physical, chemical and microbiological checks meticulously at each stage of the production; and operates in hygienic conditions in accordance with international standards.

Kempostar also produces product solutions to meet the demands of the customer; makes timely deliveries with its professional sales and distribution team. Continuing its activities without compromising the quality, Kempostar aims to further the success it has achieved with the ongoing R & D efforts.


Whey Powder Products
Application Areas
  • Whey Powder
  • 50% DM (Demineralized Whey Powder)
  • 70% DM (Demineralized Whey Powder)
  • 90% DM (Demineralized Whey Powder)
  • Dairy products
    1. Ice Cream, Yogurt,Milk Beverages
  • Bakery
    1. Cakes, Biscuits, Cookies, Wafers
  • Sweets - Desserts
    1. Compound Chocolate, Chocolate, Cake, Confectionery
  • Drinks
    1. Chocolate Drinks, Sports Drinks
  • Other
    1. Instant Soup