Determining the future targets with his experience from his professional business life in the industrial food raw materials sector, M. Ali Kuntoğlu who is our founder decided to continue his career with trade in 1999. Based on the name HEDEF (Target) indicating that he reached his targets in the business life, he laid the foundations for today's Hedefsan.

Since our establishment, we have managed to become one of the leading companies in the distribution of industrial food raw materials in Turkey with our unchanging principles, outstanding staff and contributions to the sector.

Our partnerships with Kempostar in 2012 and Enkastar in 2015 made our service areas more comprehensive.

Our one and only goal is to be a total solution provider by meeting the raw material needs of the food manufacturers who make production in various product groups at local and global scale thanks to the strong brands that we represent and their wide range of products.

Our basic principle is to keep the idea of contributing to the raising of healthy generations by offering certain products that improve the consumer's life quality and have certain resources as the center of our thoughts and principles throughout our services.

It is our main purpose create value for consumers, business partners, employees and future generations in every step we take and every decision we make.
Chairman's Message

Dear Friends,

In addition to being a family-oriented company which was founded in Anatolia, HEDEFSAN Inc. has become one of the leading companies in the industry by becoming a corporate company without disrupting the spirit of amateur work through to the success obtained on local and global platforms and its work.

By having a dynamic customer portfolio in Turkey and abroad and considering that serving in the industry as a task, HEDEFSAN offers the most efficient and effective service in the fast changing markets by closely following the international commodity markets with all of its employees, management team and strategies.

Also facing many drawbacks along with the opportunities on the way to success, our company has always remained loyal to the basic principles, and continued to its activities and presence in the sector without compromising its values.

I sincerely thank and extend my best regards to especially my dear family, dedicated employees, valued business partners and customers who contributed to me and lent their support in my 27-year business life which started with professionalism and continued with trade.


Chairman of the Board

Our Standards

We focus on creating shared values in our social work beyond the commercial relations in the food raw materials market in which we operate. The basis of our shared values includes the good nutrition of consumers on the last step in the food chain, increasing the quality of life and the upbringing of healthy generations.

Beyond the commercial relationship with our partners in the sector, we offer projects aiming at providing benefits and income by sharing knowledge and add value to the development of the manufacturers with the best practices.

We always aim to upgrade the consumer's life quality by providing value-added and enriched products in the rings of the food chain that reaches the consumer.

We contribute to the social life through our policies related to the nature and the environment with our activities.

We follow the developments and improvements within the food chain by our international business and information network; we develop solutions to provide better products and services to the suppliers and consumers.

We consider contribution to society as one of the requirements of an institution prestige and aim that becoming an example to the public with this approach.

As HEDEFSAN, while offering sustainable economic and social values focused on sharing, we adopt;

Easily accessible qualified nutrition for the consumers,

Sustainable business model for the manufacturer,

Sharing the knowledge and assuming the continuity of investment for the suppliers,

A sustainable environmental approach focused on the conservation of nature and resources for a livable society.