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We offer our valued customers the highest quality cappuccino foaming agent which satisfies with its excellent taste and characteristics.

You will feel the difference with the excellent foam stability and its unique flavor. We also develop customized solutions characterized by good flowability along with high cream flavor, easy dissolution and stabilization of foam stability. Product is characterized by a differentiated content of milk, milk protein and vegetable protein. Foam stability is an important quality parameter. Our product range includes skimmed milk powder and vegetable oil based spray drier cappuccino foaming agent. We recommend you the excellent foam stability and unique flavor.


Foaming Agents & Coffee Creamers
Application Areas
  • Cappuccino Foaming Agent
  • Coffee Creamer Whitener
  • Cappuccino, Latte, Coffee, Hot Chocolate
  • Three in One, Frappe, Iced Coffee, Cream Products, Cappuccino, Latte, Coffee, Hot Chocolate
Fat Powder & Creamer Group
Application Areas
  • Fat Powders and Creams for Sauce
  • Ice Cream, Soft Ice Cream
  • Fat Powder and monodiglycerides
  • Vegetable Fat-Based Cooking Cream
  • Instant Soups, Cream Soups, Sauces, Salad Dressing, Puree, Creamy Sauces, Pizza Dough
  • Ice Cream, Soft Ice Cream, Milkshake
  • Chewing Gum, Ice Cream and Emulsifier Halva Production
  • Cooking Sauce, Pasta Sauces, Meat Sauce